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Friday, July 26, 2013

Accidentally on Purpose @edcampHome

 Dear @edcampHome staff,
I am writing to tell you that I stumbled upon your event last Saturday purely by accident. I wish I could tell you  my #edcampHome experience was a planned event in my twitter/PD life, but truthfully, as with most memorable events in my life, I simply Forrest-Gumped it. Anyways, thank you for letting me register late and participate.

Mid-way through the first hour or so, I became keenly aware that I was witnessing a first-hand account of something that (to my knowledge) was making PD history. (I may be wrong about that, but I can’t help it. I have been diagnosed @Johnwink90 as the #FullyFull mind set, so it’s just the way I’m wired).

By the way, I appreciated how humor was sprinkled in here in there. My favorite line,“everyone should know where the restrooms are,”via @davidtEDU, made me laugh! An occasional barking dog in the background gave the sense that #edcampHome was led by ordinary, down-to-earth educators who had children to feed, lawns to mow just like anyone else.

Next, a virtual corkboard allowed us to add virtual sticky post-it notes showing what topics we wanted covered Topics like: #inquiry based learning, #augmented reality, #best practices in grading, began to pop up left and right. #edcampHome attendees quickly volunteered or were asked to facilitate sessions.

It was all I could do to contain myself. I began tweeting and retweeting to the world (well, my  67 followers) to join as if the world were going to end if they didn't!

As with any new experience, technology glitches happened. Your #edcampHome lead facilitators began troubleshooting to get camp up and running again. I appreciate how the #edcampHome team turned what could have been an "awkward moment" into a “learning opportunity.”  

Thanks @davidtedu @swpax @LS_Karl and @coachk, for being role models to not freak out when technology kinks arise, especially when there are thousands of viewers waiting for things to be fixed.

 Sitting in my pj’s downing my morning java, I had the best of both worlds: #PD and I could get up and let my dogs out or toast a bagel without missing a beat.

 Since then I continue to learn from #edcampHome bloggers and watching archived sessions. I’m proud to report that my twitter following is on an upward trend, as with a slew of educators I am now following. 

Now that I think about it, maybe my #edcampHome experience wasn’t an accident. Everything happens for a reason is a motto I live by. Well, at least that’s what my #FullyFull mindset leads me to believe.



Confession Reflection:
  • How did the edcampHome experience help me grow as a teacher/leader?
  • How will global connections with other educators impact what I do in the classroom?
  • What technology innovations will I try on my campus?

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