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Saturday, November 19, 2016

"This I Believe" Experimental Study

Do people remember more by listening to the audio version of texts or by reading texts? This is an experimental study to add to a larger database on ways people remember what they have read. I need YOU to help me with this study, as well as, show how Twitter can be used as a global connector.

My research partner, Ed, and I have chosen an excerpt from the book, "This I Believe" titled Be Cool to the Pizza Dude.  It is an inspirational message everyone should read (or listen to) at least once.

To participate in this research study, you will choose form A or B and either listen to or read this article. You will then answer 20 multiple choice questions. Your choice of forms will need to be even if you prefer listening you may be given a form you will need to read.

On a personal note, I would like to demonstrate to my follow classmates the power of social media to gather responses from a global audience. Please help me in doing so.

Your name and identity will remain anonymous. However, I've added an optional place to put your Twitter handle for us to connect. I ALWAYS want to grow my PLN and connect with other educators.

Thank you!


Form A

Form B

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